Push & Rotary Brooms

SweepEx brooms are the most versatile commercially developed brooms in the market

SweepEx manufactures innovative products to make project cleanup simple. We offer a range of brooms that are gas powered walk-behind units or mechanically attached push brooms which mount onto forklifts and skid steers.

Our brooms can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you are concerned about facility safety and preventing slip, trip and fall hazards then our ValuSweep and Pro Series brooms are the choices for you. Need a larger broom for outdoor cleanup projects - then look to our Mega Series brooms as your answer. Finally if you need a portable solution that can be transported anywhere, SweepEx Rotary Brooms are an excellent choice.

SweepEx brooms can effectively cleanup:

  • Indoor nuisance debris such as pallet strapping, paper, box fragments or dust
  • Landscape project materials such as rocks, dirt or mulch
  • Construction project materials such as drywall, concrete or dirt
  • Natural disaster debris mitigation
  • Recycled materials or trash pickup
  • Metal reclamation with optional magnet attachments
  • Nuisance truck dock debris such as nails, pallet materials and trash

Regardless of your application, SweepEx brooms are an economical and easy-to-use solution. Contact your local SweepEx dealer for more information.