SweepEx offers a full line of cleanup equipment to meet many needs. We also offer mounts to attach our products to fork lift trucks and skid steer loaders. It’s all designed to help you make the most of your equipment dollars.

SweepEx Brooms Do It All!

When it comes to developing brooms for commercial-duty cleanup, we’ve got it down. SweepEx broom attachments and walk-behind rotary brooms have you covered for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Docks and aprons -Forklift mounted brooms easily keep loading areas free of packaging materials, trash, and other debris.
  • Warehouses -Remove dust, dirt, and other debris from warehouse floors with any of our brooms.
  • Semi-trailer floors -Quickly and effortlessly sweep out even the messiest cargo with a SweepEx broom.
  • Parking lots -Our walk-behind rotary brooms can easily remove a variety of debris, including snow, from your lot, making it safer and easier to utilize
  • Construction sites -Combine our powerful magnet accessory with our brooms to easily clean up nails and staples.
  • Roadways -Remove leaves, dirt, and snow easily with a truck mounted Mega Broom.
  • Grain elevators - Control spillage easily with an efficient SweepEx broom.
  • Recycling facilities -Separate glass, plastic, and metal into appropriate areas with an equipment mounted broom.
  • Manufacturing -Don't let salvage materials and scrap clutter up work space, our brooms easily move it out of the way.
  • Food processing -Avoid the hassle of moving scraps by hand with any of our durable brooms.
  • Distribution terminals -The key to a safe area is keeping it free of debris, make it simple with SweepEx.
  • Supply yards -Make delivery and pick easier by keeping the area free of debris.
  • Natural disaster mitigation: Cleanup debris left over from tornadoes, hurricanes, storm damage and other natural disasters.

What SweepEx Brooms Move

The SweepEx product line is full of practical, productive solutions for sweeping small and large material, as well as snow and standing water.

  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Leaves
  • Grain
  • Light snow
  • Material spills
  • Sludge/mud
  • Standing water
  • Wood chips
  • Scraps
  • Steel shavings
  • Banding
  • Storm debris

If you have questions about the versatility of SweepEx products, or how they can benefit you,contact us today.