ValuSweep Brooms

ValuSweep brooms are the most economical cleanup attachment for lift trucks. They are the low maintenance, cost-effective choice for light-to-medium-duty cleanup of any interior surface.

Available in 48 and 60-inch widths, these brooms have five brush rows for economical, yet effective, sweeping performance to pick up trash, dust, wood, and other debris. Plus, they have a unique Quick-Tite locking system for quickly attaching to most lift trucks on the market. *

ValuSweep Broom Features

  • Replaceable brush sections: Replacing brush sections is quick and easy. Just remove one of the end plates of the broom housing and slide the individual sections in and out of place.
  • Reversible bristles: Maximize service life of the bristles by periodically rotating and reversing the brush sections within the broom housing.
  • Low maintenance: There are no moving parts to maintain. In fact, the only maintenance requirement is to rotate and reverse the brush sections.
  • No flying debris: Unlike rotary brooms ValuSweep broom attachments push materials and keep it in front of the bristles minimizing dust and debris.
  • Economical: ValuSweep brooms are an economical alternative to walk-behind floor machines and other large floor cleaning equipment.
  • Options and Accessories: Check out our attached magnets for metal debris pickup and dust mop kit to gather fine debris or materials.

ValuSweep Brooms are the cost-effective choice for light-and-medium-duty clean up. Find the high quality broom to meet your needs below.

*Accommodates fork widths of 5 inches.

Title Image Weight Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height
VSB-048 44 lbs 48" 9"
VSB-060 51 lbs 60" 9"