Rotary Broom

The SWB-320 Walk-Behind Rotary Broom is compact for easier handling and maneuverability. The SWB-320 comes standard with a 32 inch multipurpose brush kit and a Briggs & Stratton engine to give you the power you need to move dirt, snow, and other debris.

SWB-320 Walk-Behind Rotary Broom Features

  • 1-speed transmission: Simply hold down the bale to engage the drive system.
  • Adjustable brush angle: Pivot the brush to one of the five angle settings to control the window of debris.
  • Centrally driven brush: Work up against curbs or walls from either the right- or left-hand side of the machine, since there are no drive systems in the way of operation.
  • Adjustable handle height: Set the handlebars to a comfortable height using the four-position height adjustment.
  • Folding handlebars: Fold the handlebars for compact storage.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic cover with steel substructure: Resist damage with this flexible, durable design.
  • Pneumatic wheel: Enjoy consistent sweeping results, thanks to the active chassis with pneumatic wheel support.

The SWB-320's simple yet powerful design makes it ideal for a variety of cleanup applications.

Options & Accessories

DCB-320 Debris Collector Box

Keep debris from flying with the DCB-320 Debris Collector Box. The DCB-320 Debris Collector Box catches rocks, dirt, leaves, and twigs for the SWB-320 Walk-Behind Rotary Broom.

PCA-320 Debris Shield

Contain dust and stop damage causing debris from flying around with the PCA-320 Debris Shield. The PCA-320 attaches to the SWB-320 to create a barrier that stops debris including rocks, sticks, and scraps.

Brush Sections

SEB-020 Extension Brush Kit

The SEB-020 Extension Brush Kit allows you to add an additional 5.5" to the width of your SweepEx Walk-Behind Rotary Broom for maximum cleaning around corners and edges. The SEB-020 can be attached to the SWB-320 to give you a total of 37.5" of brush length and features one brush per package.

SMP-320 Multi-Purpose Brush Kit

The entire line of SweepEx Walk-Behind Rotary Brooms come standard with our durable and effective Multi-Purpose Brush Kit. If, your SWB-320's brush becomes damaged or worn down over time, replace it with the SMP-320 Multi-Purpose Brush Kit. The SMP-320 is 32" wide, with a diameter of 12".