Mega Broom

The SMB-600 Mega Broom is a heavy-duty sweeper that features eleven rows of replaceable bristles for maximum sweeping power. The 60 inch wide SMB-600 is ideal for use with outdoor forklifts or skid steer vehicles, and is durable and powerful enough to sweep anything from fine particles to small boulders. The firm, limited movement construction forces the broom's bristles to snap back into position for superior cleaning action of a variety of cleanup projects, from sand, dirt, and gravel to sludge, light snow, and banding.

SMB-600 Mega Broom Features

  • 60" wide
  • 11 rows of replaceable polypropylene brush sections
  • Forklift mount and skid steer mount (optional)
  • No moving parts to maintain

Options & Accessories

DCE-020-1 Debris Collector Ends

The DCE-020-1 Debris Collector Ends mount onto the ends of Mega and Pro Brooms to keep debris in front of the broom and prevents it from falling off the edge of the broom. DCE-020-1 Debris Collector Ends also includes edge markers to help the driver see the exact location of the broom.

EDG-020 36" Edge Marker Kit

Make it easier for drivers to see the area being swept with the EDG-020 36" Edge Marker Kit. The EDG-020 includes two 36" poles that can be attached to any of our Pro or Mega Brooms.

HDM-060-1 60" Heavy-Duty Magnet Kit

Use the HDM-060-1 60" Heavy-Duty Magnet Kit with your 60" Pro or Mega Broom to pick up metallic items during cleanup. The HDM-060-1 is powerful enough to ensure that nails, staples, metal shaving, and other magnetic materials are easily swept up, helping you to avoid tire damage.

Mounts & Hitches

FLH-200 Fork Hitch

The FLH-200 Fork Hitch is used with our series of Mega Brooms. This hitch allows you to attach the Mega Broom to your existing forklift equipment. The FLH-200 Fork Hitch fits most standard fork tines, with widths of 8.375 inches, utilizing a chain securing system.

Mega Broom Adapter Plate - 75105

For attaching skid steer hitch SSH-175-1 (Required with skid steer push hitch installation)

SSH-175-1 Skid Steer Hitch

The SSH-175-1 Skid Steer Push Hitch allows brooms to attach to the mounting plate of most available skid steer loaders. This non-pivoting hitch is for use with our Pro and Mega Brooms.  An adapter plate is required for skid steer push hitch installation on Mega Brooms (part #75105).

Brush Sections

MBK-600 60" Mega-Wing Brush Sections Set

The MBK-600 60" Mega-Wing Brush Sections Set includes eleven 60" replacement brush sections for the SMB-600 and SMB-960. The MBK-600 makes it possible to easily replace worn or damaged brush sections; the new section simply slides into place. Don't replace your entire broom just because some of the bristle are damaged, replace them instead. Brush sections MBK-360 & MBK-600 are required for SMB-960 brush replacement.