Valu Broom

The VSB-060 ValuSweep Broom is a rugged, lightweight, and economical broom that features five rows of replaceable bristles. The 60 inch wide VSB-060 quickly and easily mounts onto fork lifts to sweep away nearly any material, including water, snow, sand, wood chips, and more. The firm, limited movement construction forces the broom's bristles to snap back into position without creating flying debris for superior cleaning action for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

VSB-060 ValuSweep Broom Features

  • 60" wide
  • 5 rows of replaceable polypropylene brush sections
  • Forklift mount with a 9" pocket maximum standard
  • Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • No moving parts to maintain

Options & Accessories

VMB-060-1 60" ValuMagnet

The VMB-060-1 60" ValuMagnet fits the VMB-060-1 ValuSweep Broom to pick up tire damaging metal objects while you sweep. The VMB-060-1 60" ValuMagnet is ideal for picking up a variety of magnetic debris including nails, staples, and metal shavings.

Brush Sections

VBK-060 60" Replacement Brush Kit

The VBK-060 60" Replacement Brush Kit replaces worn or damaged brush sections for our ValuSweep Brooms. The VBK-060 includes 5 broom sections with 8" bristles.