Pro Brooms

The Pro Broom series is the mid-level broom attachment from SweepEx. With eight rows of polypropylene brush sections, these units are capable of handling a wide variety of applications. They come standard with a lift truck mount, but are also available with three-point hitch and skid steer mounting options for maximum versatility.

Pro Broom Features

  • Replaceable brush sections: Replacing brush sections is quick and easy. Just remove one of the end plates of the broom housing and slide the individual sections in and out of place.
  • Reversible bristles: Maximize service life of the bristles by periodically rotating and reversing the brush sections within the broom housing.
  • Low maintenance: There are no moving parts to maintain. In fact, the only maintenance requirement is to rotate and reverse the brush sections.
  • No flying debris: Unlike rotary brooms, Pro Broom attachments don't throw debris. Instead, all material is kept in front of the bristles to minimize dust and flying debris.

Pro Brooms are the ideal solution for all your sweeping attachment needs. Find the broom attachment you need below.

Title Image Weight Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height
SPB-600 146 lbs 16" 60" 12"
SPB-720 173 lbs 16" 72" 12"